Hello, my loves. How’re you doing?

In all honesty, I’m not sure how I’m writing this right now as my laptop has decided to break on me and switches off every couple of minutes, so that’s fun! But, I thought I would power through and write a quick life update for you all as I’ve been the worst blogger (let’s be honest, can I even call myself that right now?) as I haven’t posted anything for a month! So here I am, I hope you’re all well and had an amazing summer. Are you ready for September? I know I am.

I haven’t been feeling very inspired…

I wanted to start by talking about inspiration and motivation with social media and blogging. Over the month of August, I have struggled with creating content and I believe that’s because I’m not enjoying what I’m making anymore. There is a lot of pressure to post on Instagram every day which is making it difficult to publish content that I am proud of as I just feel like I need to keep pumping out images to ‘keep up’, does that make sense? I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate what I want from my blog and Instagram. I don’t feel like I have totally figured it out just yet but with a little help from Pinterest, other bloggers, my camera, many filters on VSCO and a lot of determination, I will get there in the end.

Ultimately, I need to tell myself to focus on what makes me happy, instead of how an image sits on my feed or whether the filter looks good enough etc. I am determined to get out of this slump and kick some butt this September - the plus side is that we’re heading towards the colder seasons, which are totally my vibe. This means cute autumnal Instagram pics so bring on the cosy jumpers, blankets, hot chocolates and movies!

I have started a new adventure…

Away from my freelance life, I have started a new job in Fat Face and I love it! Getting out and working in a retail role is a much-needed change for me as I absolutely love helping and interacting with new people. I also feel very lucky as the team I work with are all incredibly lovely and they made me feel so welcome when I started. I must admit, I was quite nervous to start a new job but I have already gained so much confidence and I feel very happy about that. Onwards and upwards!

I’m on a new skincare journey…

A quick little note. So, if you know me or have read my blog for a little while, you will know I always have trouble with my skin. A week ago, I decided enough is enough and I took a trip to see the doctor. I am now trying out ‘Dalacin Topical Lotion’, which is an antibiotic cream. I have used it for a week and so far I can’t really see a difference but I will update you soon!

I’m ready for a new month… 

I have a couple of things that I’d like to achieve over the next coming month and I am excited by each of them - I would like to join the gym, buy myself a new blogging camera and rebrand Life with Livie. I want to start going to the gym as a way of boosting my health, helping my self-confidence and using it as stress relief. I went to the gym a lot during my time at university and I found it helped both mentally and physically so I am looking forward to getting back at it.

My next two goals go hand-in-hand as I’d LOVE to treat myself to a blogging camera. As a photographer, I have my beloved Nikon D610 but when I am popping up to London for the day, I find it bulky and sometimes my phone camera just doesn’t cut it so I think my next purchase is going to be a high end compact and I am very excited about it! Once I have started to take the kind of photos I dream of, my next aim is to rebrand Life with Livie as when I started blogging over a year ago, I said I wasn’t going to blog about fashion or beauty but I have been drawn to both topics so I think a change is on the horizon.

So there we go; I hope you enjoyed my Monday ramblings. I’m so sorry for not being active but that will change over the next coming months so what kind of posts would you like to see? Let me know.

Hope you all have a fab September!

L x

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