How on earth is the end of January already creeping closer? I mean, I still can't quite believe that we are in twenty eighteen, I swear it was only twenty twelve like five minutes ago - crazy?! But, now that we are well into the New Year, I have been thinking about what I plan to achieve. 

Last year I faced many challenges but I also made memories that I will treasure forever. What I did learn was that sometimes you have got to put yourself first no matter how hard that may be so, that is what I will be continuing to do. Self-care and development is incredibly important in my eyes; you will notice many of my aims are to allow myself to grow as a person and I am looking forward to seeing some change!

So with that, I hope you enjoy reading my little list and if you have the same goal then lets work together and smash it!

To get fit, eat healthy and drink water
I feel like this is one that many aim to achieve throughout the year but I am determined to feel more confident in myself again. When I was at university, I started to comfort eat quite a lot when I was feeling homesick or stressed with deadlines and my body hasn’t thanked me for it so I will definitely work harder this year to get fit, happy and more confident!

To do more photo shoots as a photographer + blogger
Did you know I am a photographer? As I have a degree and absolutely adore taking photos of others, I will definitely continue to use my skills this year BUT I also want to become more comfortable in front of the camera too! This is something I want to work on, as I love to have fashion shots on both my blog and social media so if there are any photographers out there who want to transform me into the next top model then please head my way!

To work harder on my blog and socials 
To follow on from the previous aim, I want to push my blog and social media to a level that I am happy with. I definitely plan to up my content and to post more often as I have a LOAD of ideas that I am excited to get started on. I am very excited to see my blog develop as it hits one year old.

To travel somewhere new 
For the last two years, I have been lucky enough to travel somewhere new and I want to make sure I carry that on. I have always had a list of places where I would love to visit so I feel it is time to start ticking them off. The dream for this year would be to travel to some gorgeous European cities so fingers crossed I can make it happen.

To get myself more organised
To keep myself organised, I usually write a to do list every night before I head to bed as I feel it helps to settle my mind and then I can get started straight away once I’ve woken up. I will make sure I continue to do this but I have also been thinking about creating a bullet journal. I think it is such an interesting and creative way of keeping organised so I will let you guys know if and when I have started. Do you keep a bullet journal?

There you go, my five aims for twenty eighteen! Many good things happened in twenty seventeen but I am determined and excited to make this year even better. Twenty eighteen will be my year!

Have you set any goals or aims for this year?

L x

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