Recently I have been on a couple of small adventures on my own and I must admit, I quite enjoyed travelling solo. My first trip was over to the Isle of Man last September and then my second was up to the Lake District on Tuesday for a short stay. For some people, traveling alone may be a doddle but if you’re anything like me then it can be a challenge. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone on both of these trips but I am proud that I did. I have put together a list of things that helped me along the way so I hope they can help you too!

Be prepared
At one point, I think I had over 20 different screenshots on my camera roll of my journey, what platform to be on, where to catch the bus and so on. For me, this is an easy way to make sure I know exactly where I need to be and at what times. What would we do without our phones, ey?

Talk to people around you
This can sometimes take me a lot of courage but if you’re unsure about something, just talk to someone and they can help you - whether that be a train conductor, bus driver, hotel receptionist or even a stranger. Don’t be shy; it could help you in the long run.

Keep yourself occupied
Instead of worrying throughout your journey, keep yourself busy by watching a series on Netflix, listening to music or reading a book; this will help to keep your mind off stressful situations. It also makes the journey go quicker – win win!

Take a packed lunch
I don’t know about you but when I’m on the train, I prefer to stay in my seat for the entire journey (is it just me who does this?) so I make sure to pack some food so I don’t have to go traipsing up and down the carriages to find the onboard cafĂ©. It’s easier and definitely cheaper!

Have fun
Traveling alone can be daunting but also very exciting! This allows you to explore and adventure around a new area you’ve perhaps never been to before. Take it all in as you don’t know when the next opportunity will be. Treasure the memories!

If you’re planning a little trip soon, I hope these tips have helped you in some way. It is normal to feel nervous about going on your own but, take some deep breaths and believe in yourself  - you’re much braver than you think!

Where is your dream holiday destination? Let me know in the comments below.

L x

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