Happy Christmas Eve Eve! It's so close now, we can almost touch it.

I have been awful with posting on my blog and social media over the last couple of days as working in retail over the festive season seems to take over your life but, I am now off until Boxing Day so I am very excited to really get into the spirit of Christmas. A good place to start is sweet treats, as who can really say no to a bit of chocolate? I know I can't.


I mean, if Christmas isn't the perfect time to indulge in your favourite treats then when is? Whether it be a good ol' chocolate orange or a packet of smarties, there is something for everyone. I am definitely a fan of sweet chocolate treats but I admit, I am cutting down this year. In my stocking, I receive a serious amount of chocolate and then pile on the pounds but I am putting my foot down. I have limited myself to one chocolate orange (and maybe a few little chocolates off the tree), as I just can't say no but, even though I am cutting back, here are a few of my favourite treats to make your lips water:

Chocolate Orange
Can you really go wrong? Whether it be a dark chocolate, popping candy or the traditional milk chocolate orange, everyone will wake up on Christmas morning and unwrap one! They're just the perfect chocolate treat to have as a stocking filler and I am already so excited to eat mine.

I feel Matchmakers are pretty underrated but they shouldn't be so if you haven't tried one then head out and get yourself a pack, you won't regret it. I will warn you though, they're one of those chocolates that once you've eaten one, you may as well eat the entire pack. I am a fan of the mint ones but they have just brought out salted caramel and I mean, you can't go wrong with that!

Chocolate Tree Decorations
Does anyone else's family do this? We always put little chocolate baubles on the tree as a treat to have when we're feeling a little peckish but, we always end up finishing them within a couple of days and then searching the entire tree to see if there are any left - far too addictive!

Tooty Fruities
This might be old school but Rowntrees sell a pick and mix bag which have fruit pastilles, fruit gums and tooty fruities! I am one of those people who will pick all the good sweets out of the pack and leave the others for my Mum and Dad to eat, I hope I'm not the only one who does this but, I just love me the tooty fruities.

Candy Canes
Candy Canes obviously had to make the list, like a good old chocolate orange, you just can't have Christmas without eating one. Once you're stuffed with chocolate, its nice to eat something different and I feel the minty taste of a Candy Cane can be quite refreshing at times - or maybe I'm just weird?! Another upside is, they look super cute on the tree so, win win!

What’s your favourite sweet treat to have at Christmas? Let me know in the comments. 

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Have a lovely evening!

L x