Happy Saturday, I hope you have had a lovely day. It is now 9 sleeps until Christmas; we’re in single digits guys, how did that happen?

Today’s post is all about family tradition. I feel as though we all have some things that we look forward to during the festive season, whether it be in the house, places we visit or the food we eat. Have a read and let me know if your families have some of the same rituals as mine:


Advent Calendar: Even though I am 21 years old, I will love an advent calendar. Waking up in the morning and knowing you get a little bit of chocolate it far too exciting – I’m such a child!

Festive Coffee: If you have read my blog post about hot drinks, you will know how much I look forward to a hot beverage on an evening but, as a family, we always look forward to a coffee whilst snuggled up watching television.

Christmas Party Food: I don’t know if anyone else does this but, we have many ‘party food’ style dinners throughout the Christmas season and it is honestly my favourite thing ever! Being able to sit and have a little buffet from the comfort of your own home is a dream.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange: I mean, everyone should treat themselves to a chocolate orange. Is it really Christmas without one? It’s the ultimate festive treat and I will have one every year without doubt.

Roast Dinner: One fundamental part of Christmas is the dinner, the entire day it based around it so who wouldn’t be excited about it?


Garden Centre: Our local garden centre has an amazing Christmas display every year and we usually go a couple of times during the Christmas season. Its nice to just have a wander around and look at all the pretty decorations.

Our Local Pub: There’s something special about heading down to your local pub for a drink with your family. We love doing it every year and we definitely see it as a treat!


Decorating: Putting up the Christmas decorations can’t be done without some festive tunes to put you in the mood.

Small Details: I have and will always be a fan of candles but Christmas is the perfect time to burn some festive ones. I also have a little piece of pink tinsel in my bedroom to make the entire house feel cosy and Christmassy.


Warm Pyjamas: Christmas Eve should be spent in your PJs and if not then you’re definitely doing it wrong. Pyjamas, Christmas movies and chocolate, you can’t go wrong!

Christmas Movie: The Polar Express is a family favourite in our house and we make sure to watch it every Christmas Eve, even though we always end up having a cry!


Pomegranate: Over the last couple of years, on New Year’s Eve, we have followed a Greek tradition. When the clock trikes midnight, we turn down all the lights to say goodbye to the last year. We decide whom the luckiest person is to smash a pomegranate against the door to reveal the seeds – the more seeds scattered on the floor, the luckier the year will be!

Are there any family traditions that you always do without fail? I’d love to know, leave a comment down below.

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See you tomorrow for more festive fun!

L x