Welcome to Twelve Days of Blogmas! Can you believe its less than two weeks until Christmas? Nope, neither can I. I will be posting daily up until Christmas Day so I hope you enjoy this festive journey with me. I will be chatting about movies, gifts, music, treats, outfits and all things decor. I hope you come along for the ride and enjoy reading my little Christmas posts.


Is there really anything better than snuggling up in the winter months with a hot drink? I don't think so. I have only been a fan of coffee for just over a year but, I still can't deal with the taste unless its got a gallon of sweet syrup in it (oops!) but I definitely see a coffee as a treat and not a necessity. I enjoy making myself a hot drink in the comfort of my own home but, there’s something special about taking time out of your day and walking to a coffee shop, being able to sit with your hands around a toasty cup whilst watching the world go by - pure bliss! If you're bored of the same old latte, you deserve to branch out this season and try something new; here is a list of my favourite festive drinks for you to give a try:

If you're a fan of Crunchie bars then you will love this. This is probably my favourite festive drink from Costa this year as it isn't too sweet and you get cute little honeycomb pieces on top - win win! 

This coffee is something else! It is a unique mix of millionaires slice and latte but it really does taste like you're eating a chocolate treat. If you have a sweet tooth and fancy a pick me up then this is the drink for you.

This is my go to coffee to have in the morning. Nescafe do so many amazing flavours, it’s always hard to choose. As well as them tasting amazing, they have very little calories so they're perfect for someone who wants something sweet to take them through the day. 

I have been obsessed with the toffee nut latte since it came out last year and I am so happy they brought it back! The Nescafe lattes are so easy to drink, they're not too sweet and they also don't contain a high amount of caffeine so you won't be bouncing off the walls. As well as taste, boxes of eight sachets are usually around £2 so you can have a stash at home and treat yourself. 

I mean, you can't go wrong with a traditional hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, can you? I love to drink mine just as the marshmallows are melting. You will end up in a sticky mess but it’s definitely worth it. I also prefer to make my hot chocolates with milk instead of water as that makes it creamier!

What’s your favourite festive drink? Let me know in the comments. 

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See you tomorrow!

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