As you probably saw on my Instagram, I packed my bags and made my way over to the Isle of Man to visit my best friend Lucas and what a jam packed four days we had! I made sure I had my camera, as I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to take thousands of photos as a way to treasure memories.

I met Lucas when we were both at university in Falmouth, he had told me a lot about the island so I was incredibly excited to visit his home. I have been on many trips around the UK and I have explored some beautiful parts of the country but there was something truly magical about the Isle of Man. Since university I have been OBSESSED with the idea of living by the sea so being accessible to several beaches is the ultimate dream. 

Even though I was only visiting for a short time, Lucas and I managed to drive the entire length and breadth of the Isle of Man. Everywhere we went I felt a strong sense of community, which made me feel right at home! Similar to Cornwall, there were many seaside towns but there were also vast mountainous areas, like the Lake District - the perfect combination!

From outstanding coastline walks and almighty forest treks to mud covered cars and the best ice cream I have ever had, there are many reasons why I am already looking forward to my next trip over to the Isle of Man. Here are some photos to show you why.




A HUGE thank you to Lucas, his wonderful family and friends for such a fabulous four days. You wont be able to get rid of me now!

Have you ever visited the Isle of Man? Hope you enjoyed. Now, LETS GET FESTIVE!

L x

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