Canary Wharf - Greenwich - London Bridge - Bank - St.Pauls - Blackfriars - South Kensington

Before I start, I will say this post is FULL of photography as I was a bit snap happy but the more the merrier.

When someone asks me where I'm from, I always say 'just outside of London' but even though I live so close to the city, I have never taken the time out to explore. To change this, Chiara and I decided to spend the day being typical tourists.

Our journey started at Victoria where we hopped on the tube to Canary Wharf. We walked out of the station and through the busy skyscrapers into a secluded part of the city. Through the bland monochrome setting, I was suddenly greeted by a sea of green. The stunning 'Crossrail Place' roof garden turned out to be the most luscious space right above the hustle and bustle of the business sector. It was so tranquil that you never would've believed you were in London. The gardens themselves were full of every plant you could think of - I have to say, the palm trees were my favourite! We slowly made our way around until we reached a viewing platform to take some photos of the city itself - this is where you could capture the contrast between urban and rural. The exotic plants and architecture are very distinctive and makes for an amazing image. I will admit, the gardens aren't huge but I would recommend visiting as it is definitely an unexpected gem. If you're looking for a quiet escape then this is the place for you. 
Once we'd wandered around the garden, we jumped back on the tube and headed towards the Isle of Dogs. Off the tube and taking some photos of the river, I turned and noticed a domed building but thought nothing of it until we went inside and down a lift. I had absolutely no idea where this was taking us, until Chiara explained about it being a foot tunnel. I hadn't ever been in a foot tunnel before and I must admit, I didn't even know they existed! We started walking and once we reached the light at the other end of the tunnel (get it?! haha), we were in Greenwich town and decided to take a wander around. I was instantly drawn to the pretty pastel pink houses (I couldn't resist) and took some 'instagramable' snaps before heading off to our next destination. 


Our next stop was West Slivertown where we crossed the river to get to the Emirates Air Line. When crossing over the bridge, I managed to snap some gorgeous views of Canary Wharf, which is easily one of my favourite places to visit in London. Everywhere is just so fresh, clean and the architecture is stunning. 

When we made our way across, we picked up some lunch and walked to the cable car station. At this point, I didn't tell Chiara that I was scared of heights so I was a little nervous. But, once we had got into the pod itself, I felt secure and safe. I tried not to look down too much but the view made it difficult as it was breath-taking and I just wanted to take LOADS of photos! Once in the air, you get a 360 over London but what makes the journey special is its the only cable car in the city, you can't get the same views anywhere else. Even though the trip only takes around 10 minutes, its definitely worth it for the stunning views over Greenwich and the O2.


From air to water, we hopped on the river cruises and made our way down to adventure around London Bridge. I absolutely loved cruising down the River Thames as I saw many new places in such a short space of time - it gives you such a different perspective on the city. Once we got off the boat, we spent a lot of time taking photos of the bridge itself and then we wandered in and out of all the small back roads (because thats where the cool stuff is).



We slowly made our away around up to the Sky Garden and took some photos in front of a plant covered wall - I was a happy bunny as it fit my Instagram feed perfectly (a bloggers dream, right?). 


We then made it up to another roof garden which is a part of the Madison restaurant. When stepping out of the lift onto the top floor of One New Change into the most luxurious terrace, you become memorised by such a view. There were many spots where you could sit and watch over the City of London skyline. 



When leaving the terrace, we walked up to St. Pauls for a little look at the architecture. We then made the journey across the Millennium Bridge to capture the typical shot. When thinking about the Millennium Bridge, does it remind you of Harry Potter? Or is that just me?

By this time, we were getting incredibly tired as we had been walking for about five hours but there was one more place I was desperate to go to and that was South Kensington! With sore feet, we made it to bloggers heaven. I was in my absolute element and this entire blog post will be full of photos of the white washed buildings (sorry about that). The rest of our day was spent finding pretty houses, streets and places to take blog photos, what more could a girl want?



After 30,000 steps and walking 10 miles, our day came to an end. I had an amazing time with the best person for company. A BIG shout out to you Chiara for being the best tour guide and friend. Cant wait to have another day full of sightseeing again soon!

Hope you enjoyed experiencing London with me. If you want to know anything else about the places I visited, then please pop me a message. 

Where is your favourite place in London?

L x

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