As a photographer, Instagram is my favourite tool. Before I started my blog, I used to publish my life all over Insta and it slowly became a way of showing my style, passion and aesthetic through social media. Now, I spend the majority of my day liking, commenting and following on the app.

When I signed up to Instagram all those years ago, I posted whatever I wanted but as I gradually developed a small following, I decided to create a theme to make my content look cohesive. Picking certain colours and filters was a good place to start! I found myself swaying towards muted pastels, greens, monochrome and grey as my aesthetic has always been very minimal. I also use subtle filters and tone them down as otherwise they can be very overpowering.

As well as a theme, I felt it was important for my feed to look clean and professional so I began to use my Nikon as I found my phone was no longer cutting it. You have so much more control over settings on a camera, unlike an iPhone. I have noticed such a difference since swapping over as the detail is so much better. Even though I shoot on camera, I still edit on my phone so here are a few apps that couldn’t live without:

Snapseed: I have used Snapseed for as long as I can remember and let me tell you, it is such a handy little tool. I feel like it’s made such a BIG difference to my photos. I use this app for general editing as there are countless functions such as brightening, healing, cropping and rotating but the brush tool is my absolute savior! I use it to increase the exposure of the entire image but, I also use it to desaturate the background to fit with my theme. When using the brush, be careful as it can sometimes look fake and a bit tacky. My best advice is to use it on +3 to build up the brightness gradually.


Instagram: For years I was against using Instagram filters as I was obsessed with VSCO and I didn’t think you could get any better but since making my edit less time consuming, I came across the filter ‘Aden’. Depending on the image, I will turn the filter down to either 45 or 50 as that way it will be more of a subtle hint and not too in your face. As well as the filters, I love the correcting tools and I will always boost the brightness by +5 or +10 as it doesn’t make the image look ‘over-edited’. As well as the brightness, I also use the fade, highlight and desaturate tools.


Unum: This app helps you to plan out your Insta feed, what dreams are made of, right?! I first heard about it from my friend Paige and I must admit, it’s taken me a while to get into the swing but now I am starting to really enjoy it. You can add pictures to your ‘grid’ to see what they look like next to the others so hopefully everything will fit into place. You can plan up to 18 posts but then you will sadly have to buy more grids but being able to plan over 2 weeks ahead can really help you save precious time. You can also write captions and organise every post so you’re ready to publish it later on. Prepared or what?!

VSCO: I’ve been using this app for years but I am slowly falling out of love with it. Sadly, I have now found new ways to edit my photos without the use of VSCO. When I used the app, filters HB1 and HB2 were my favourites but I turned them down to around 8 so it wouldn’t look too strong. I am sad I no longer use the app as I know many love it but, I would still recommend VSCO to anyone as it is amazing but just not for me.

I hope this has helped you to discover new apps, techniques and tips! If you have any other questions, you can pop me a message or reply down in the comments.

Do we follow each other on Instagram yet? If not, let’s be friends.


Happy Instagramming!

L x

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