Our final day in Cornwall was a wet one! Opening the curtains in the morning, we were greeted with pouring rain and a grey mist which surrounded the house, this meant we spent the majority of the day inside until the rain later cleared!

Once the showers had passed, we decided to take our final stroll down to Talland Bay. As it was a damp evening, we knew not many people would be at the beach so this was the perfect excuse to go!

As we were staying on a large estate there was a lot to see so we took a detour to admire the houses and their sea views. We soon came to a little wooden gate which allowed us to follow a narrow path down through the fields with a sea view every way we looked. Once we finally reached the beach, we sat and watched the waves roll in.

The tide was heading out which allowed us to scramble over all the rock pools to look for any local wildlife. My sister and her boyfriend soon came across a small crab which they later called ‘Crabby’. They carefully picked him up and noticed he was missing a pincer so when we were about to leave they found a sheltered rock pool for him to make his home!


After a couple of hours had passed, we decided to head back up to the house as the sun had started to set. We followed the track back up the hill through the fields of Ragwort, golden hues were cast which made the atmosphere feel warm and cosy.


Our holiday had now come to an end but being back by the Cornish Coast made me feel at home once again. Until next time Cornwall! I miss you already.

L x