Today was hot and yes, I am now sun burnt. I swear I am never fully prepared for any type of weather and that definitely proved itself today! It only reached 21 degrees but it honestly felt as though we were in the Mediterranean. To make the most of the glorious weather, we decided to head further round the bay to Polperro. I have visited and stayed in Polperro many times before so it was exciting for me to head back down memory lane.

Our journey started at Talland Bay, we picked up the South West Coastal Path (SWCP) up a steep hill past lots of wild flowers and onto a narrow cliff-top path. At one point we stepped over a stile to be greeted by a pristine horizon, where it was hard to tell where the sea finished and the sky started. 



We continued down the path for a mile and we reached Polperro harbour. Polperro itself always reminds me of a toy town, it almost doesn’t look real. The cottages are positioned up in the cliffs which overlook the water, this gives a perfect mix of countryside and seascape. They all work well with the surrounding properties as everything has its own place. Flower boxes are a common sighting around the town, with many blooming on the windowsills, which bring a vibrancy to the white walls.



When admiring the various boats in the harbour, we were suddenly drawn to two navy ribs (complete with mounted guns!) getting ready to set off on their journey. They started up the motors and gradually navigated their way out of the harbour walls and into the distance. It was amazing to watch these brave gentlemen, get ready to do a job to protect us as a country - it was personally something I had never witnessed before! 

After all that excitement, we made our way around the town and decided on where we wanted to eat. As seagulls are a big issue when it comes to being by the sea, we didn’t want to sit anywhere where we would be attacked by low flying birds!  We soon found a little café, situated on the water’s edge. We decided on Cornish pasties as you can’t travel down to the West Country and not have a pasty! 


Cooled down and refuelled, we made our way back to Talland Bay where we stripped off and had a paddle/swim in the sea. We stayed at the beach for a couple of hours and soaked in the sun, had some more ice cream and then packed up our beach towels and headed home.


Even though I am now looking like a lobster, I had such a fun sunshine day! Just remember guys, always wear sun cream and don’t be stupid like me.

Hope you all had a good Monday!

L x