If you visit Cornwall frequently, you probably would have been to The Eden Project, or at least heard about it. If you are not familiar, The Eden Project started out as a large clay pit which was near the end of its economic life but, after years of planning and construction, the two Biomes were born. One houses the largest rainforest in captivity and the other is a Mediterranean sanctuary. But, before entering the buildings, you are guided through the gardens and are greeted by several large wildlife creatures. There are many dotted around the site but they are all made from environmentally friendly materials, which makes them even more unique!


But before our excitement began, we stopped for some food. There are many places on site, where you can eat, depending on what you fancy! Our favourite restaurant is the Med Terrace which is located in the heart of the Mediterranean biome. There is a wide range of choice from pasta and pizza to paella and pannacotta. But, we got there too late for lunch (amateur mistake) so, we decided to head down stairs to the Eden Kitchen where we ordered the Moroccan style meatballs which were served with lemon and tomato sauce, a bed of rice and feta cheese (the cheese won me over)!


With full stomachs, we started our rainforest journey. When the doors open, you are transformed into another world, with the help from stunning plants, stories behind the environment and of course, the weather. When you walk in, away from the dreary British weather, you are suddenly hit with humid and sticky heat. But what made our visit even more exciting this time was the Cornish weather. We were struck with thunderstorms, which we could hear incredibly loud during our walk around the biome - we all found ourselves questioning whether it was a part of the experience!




We then decided to go up on the Sky Walk, which takes you up to the top of the dome. I struggled to get my head around doing this and I had to pluck up a lot of courage. I don’t know whether I am scared of heights or falling but, this definitely tested my bravery. When you were walking up the stairs, you could see down to the floor below, this was the part that panicked me as I don’t even like going on piers because of the same reason! But, once I had made it up there, the 360-degree view was stunning – you felt on top of the world! Gripping onto the railings, I made it back down to the bottom and this is where our rainforest adventure ended.


We then went over to the Mediterranean biome, where you instantly feel as though you’ve got on a four-hour flight to Greece. The building replicas are realistic enough that if you said you were at The Eden Project; no one would believe you! The vibrancy of the dome is spectacular, with the variety of flowers that have been planted. They range from bright yellows, to ruby reds and dark plum purples.



If you get the chance to come down to Cornwall, I would recommend visiting The Eden Project as there is nothing quite like it - it is an experience and not just a day out!

Have you been to The Eden Project before?

L x