So, as many of you may know, I have an obsession with interior design and of course Pinterest is the place to go for inspiration! I find myself constantly saving hundreds of pins and over half of them are inspired by the Scandinavian look. If you’re not sure what ‘Scandi’ is, then click this link and you will soon be as obsessed as me!

I am instantly attracted to this style as its incredibly calming to view such a light and open space. The stripped back style embraces clean lines but rarely looks clinical thanks to the pale woods, natural materials and muted tones. So, if you want more scandi in your life then, there are many simple and inexpensive ways to bring this trend into your living space – whether you’re re-furbishing an entire room or just adding a few new finishing touches, here a few tips to help you out:

1. Make use of all the natural light
Let in as much day light in as possible - many houses in Sweden don’t even have curtains or blinds up at their windows! Natural light gives a sense of space and makes a room look bigger so definitely have white walls, to make most of the daylight.

2. Candles are your new best friend (they are definitely mine!)
Don’t wait until the sun has gone down, light a candle during the day as a way of creating a peaceful atmosphere. Quietly listen to the sound of the flickering flame, whilst watching the orange glow dance around the room. Simple acts like this, will make your day even better!

3. Have a colour palette running through your space
The Scandinavian aesthetic is there to help maximise light so painting an entire room white is very common. White is modern, fresh and clean and easily contributes to the calm and peaceful nature synonymous with this style. But, to make it not look too clinical, add some black to create a monochrome look. But if you wanted to add some colour, you could use some calming pastels to add some charm.

4. Have a spring clean
As many say, less is more – and this is absolutely true when it comes to creating hygge. If you have a smaller room, make the most of your space. Just as an example, buy a small nest of tables instead of a larger coffee table, you will be saving a huge amount of space! Finding ways around your house to declutter, will definitely help in the long run.

5. Your past is a part of your future
Even though I have just said to declutter, if you’re like me, you will have collected books, photographs, magazines and prints over the years. Use them to your advantage to make your space your own! Put a stack of your favourite magazines, on a wooden table and your best photographs and most inspiring prints in photo frames to hang in pride of place.

So, there you go, I hope these tips have helped you on your interior journey! If you’re an interior fiend (like me), I’d love to see some of your designs, ideas and spaces - drop me a message on either Instagram or Twitter and we can chat about all things homeware!

Keep an eye out for many more interior related posts, this is the first of many. Hope you enjoyed!

L x

P.s. A BIG thank you to Sam, for allowing me to photograph her gorgeous house for a university project - it was just perfect!