Saturday, 8 July 2017


Here in the UK, we seem to be having a mini heatwave and as we don’t usually get glorious sunshine, I wasn’t prepared. I must admit, I am not adventurous with my colour choices when it comes to clothing, I am either wearing black, white or grey but, why change a habit of a lifetime?

With the hot weather, I jumped onto the New Look website and ordered myself a couple of bits. I don’t know about you but, when I’m buying clothes my number one priority is to feel comfortable. I wouldn’t say I have an amazing fashion sense but I’d like to think I know what suits my body and what I feel happy in and this outfit is exactly that.

This look features a basic black tie waist playsuit that I paired with some simple white trainers and my Zara backpack. The beauty of this playsuit is you can dress it up with a cute denim jacket and accessories or you can lounge around the house in it, without a care in the world - it really is the perfect piece for your everyday wardrobe.



The playsuit has always been on trend when it comes to the spring and summer months. I personally feel more comfortable in them and they make such simple yet gorgeous outfits. To save you browsing the internet for hours, I have attached some of my favourite high street playsuits.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five 

What are your favourite high street shops?

L x


  1. I am really struggling to find clothes at the moment! I like being comfortable too and I also really like just simple things. Wherever I go there are off the shoulder shirts and stuff - It's just not me at all haha

    hayley //

    1. I know that feeling, girl! I love being able to just throw on an outfit, hence why I adore playsuits! I do enjoy the off the shoulder trend but, maybe try and look into jumpsuits, basic dresses and pretty cami tops as you can easily dress them up or down! Misguided and New Look have an amazing stock at the moment, check them out :) xxx

  2. I love your backpack. I'm not from the U.K. But I do live in Florida and I know the struggle of having to wear summer clothing and the heat waves we get is unbearable at times. Crazy thing is I love wearing black. 😂 And I'll be sweating all day.

    1. Ahh thank you lovely, Zara always do amazing products! Oh my, I'm so jealous, I would LOVE to live in Florida but, I can imagine the heat is crazy! I don't blame you, I would probably still wear black too 😂 xx


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