Although my graduation was a couple of weeks ago now, I knew I needed to share this experience with you as it will stay with me as one of my happiest moments. When you go to university you dream of your graduation day, being able to collect your degree, wearing the gown and mortarboard, knowing you’ve done yourself proud!

Before the big day itself, the first hurdle is finding an outfit you’re going to feel confident and comfortable in. You may have noticed when looking at graduation photos, each university have their own individual school colour and Falmouth’s is Cornish gold. I decided to find a plain white dress as it would stand out and not clash against the gown. I scoured the shops and my usual on-line favourite stores for hours to find something as I’m not body confident and I didn’t want to feel self-conscious. A part of me felt that I needed to buy a crazy expensive dress as graduating is a once in a lifetime experience but, I ended up coming across a white crochet bardot playsuit from Quiz, which was only £15! I am a huge fan of the bardot trend as I feel it’s incredibly flattering and feminine. After finding my outfit, I realised it wasn’t about the dress but more about the shoes, as the gown covers you up anyway. It also just goes to show that it isn’t always about the price!

With shoes, I bought some embroidered block heals from New Look which were £32. I wanted to make sure they were comfortable and not going to be giving me blisters and they definitely did the trick! I can now go on to wear both the shoes and playsuit for different occasions as they weren’t too dressy.



The day itself went incredibly quick but it started with an emotional reunion with my two best friends Lucas and Michael who have been there for me since day one! I couldn’t imagine my university experience without them, so being able to spend the day surrounded by loved ones, just made it that bit more special!



When the time came around, we all headed over to the newly built sports hall where the ceremony took place. We got called up one by one to shake the chancellors hand (who happens to be Dawn French!) and collect our certificate from one of our tutors. When sitting back down, we sat and listened to many speeches, but the one that stood out for me was Dawn French’s! Being an actress, comedian, writer and an overall amazing woman, we all knew her speech would be special. But in fact, whilst she was talking, I started to feel emotional as it sank in that my time at university and in Falmouth was over. Dawn’s exact words were: “You may be leaving Cornwall but Cornwall will never leave you!”. I was, and still am, devastated to have left Falmouth as its somewhere I feel at home and I have never felt as happy anywhere else. I feel like I belong there but hey, you never know, I may end up back there someday!

Once the ceremony ended, there was only one place for dinner and that was at The Beach Hut in Watergate Bay! My family and I have been going to The Beach Hut for four years, we discovered the beach-side cafĂ© when we went down to Cornwall for my university interview. It’s also special as I took Lucas and Michael to Watergate Bay when we were in our first year, so it holds a lot of memories. By the time we got there, it was getting dark and I was exhausted so I didn’t manage take any food photos (bad blogger, I know) but please forgive me, I will just have to tell you about what I ate instead. As we were celebrating, I allowed myself to have a cheeky raspberry and vodka cocktail. For my main, I had a red onion and butternut squash tart and finally, I had a warm chocolate brownie. The food is always amazing and I would 100% recommend The Beach Hut to anyone!

So there we go, my university experience is now over! I can’t believe how quick the last three years have gone but I can now say I am a BA (Hons) Photography graduate from Falmouth University. I am so proud of myself for getting a 2:1 and I couldn’t imagine my experience any other way. I will miss Falmouth and everyone there but, I am excited to see what my future holds. I am going to carry on working away at my dreams and make them a reality.

I was thinking about doing a couple of blog posts about what to expect when you go to university and how to deal with certain situations so please let me know if you would like to see them!

Hope you enjoyed.

Speak soon.

L x

Our final day in Cornwall was a wet one! Opening the curtains in the morning, we were greeted with pouring rain and a grey mist which surrounded the house, this meant we spent the majority of the day inside until the rain later cleared!

Once the showers had passed, we decided to take our final stroll down to Talland Bay. As it was a damp evening, we knew not many people would be at the beach so this was the perfect excuse to go!

As we were staying on a large estate there was a lot to see so we took a detour to admire the houses and their sea views. We soon came to a little wooden gate which allowed us to follow a narrow path down through the fields with a sea view every way we looked. Once we finally reached the beach, we sat and watched the waves roll in.

The tide was heading out which allowed us to scramble over all the rock pools to look for any local wildlife. My sister and her boyfriend soon came across a small crab which they later called ‘Crabby’. They carefully picked him up and noticed he was missing a pincer so when we were about to leave they found a sheltered rock pool for him to make his home!


After a couple of hours had passed, we decided to head back up to the house as the sun had started to set. We followed the track back up the hill through the fields of Ragwort, golden hues were cast which made the atmosphere feel warm and cosy.


Our holiday had now come to an end but being back by the Cornish Coast made me feel at home once again. Until next time Cornwall! I miss you already.

L x

If you visit Cornwall frequently, you probably would have been to The Eden Project, or at least heard about it. If you are not familiar, The Eden Project started out as a large clay pit which was near the end of its economic life but, after years of planning and construction, the two Biomes were born. One houses the largest rainforest in captivity and the other is a Mediterranean sanctuary. But, before entering the buildings, you are guided through the gardens and are greeted by several large wildlife creatures. There are many dotted around the site but they are all made from environmentally friendly materials, which makes them even more unique!


But before our excitement began, we stopped for some food. There are many places on site, where you can eat, depending on what you fancy! Our favourite restaurant is the Med Terrace which is located in the heart of the Mediterranean biome. There is a wide range of choice from pasta and pizza to paella and pannacotta. But, we got there too late for lunch (amateur mistake) so, we decided to head down stairs to the Eden Kitchen where we ordered the Moroccan style meatballs which were served with lemon and tomato sauce, a bed of rice and feta cheese (the cheese won me over)!


With full stomachs, we started our rainforest journey. When the doors open, you are transformed into another world, with the help from stunning plants, stories behind the environment and of course, the weather. When you walk in, away from the dreary British weather, you are suddenly hit with humid and sticky heat. But what made our visit even more exciting this time was the Cornish weather. We were struck with thunderstorms, which we could hear incredibly loud during our walk around the biome - we all found ourselves questioning whether it was a part of the experience!




We then decided to go up on the Sky Walk, which takes you up to the top of the dome. I struggled to get my head around doing this and I had to pluck up a lot of courage. I don’t know whether I am scared of heights or falling but, this definitely tested my bravery. When you were walking up the stairs, you could see down to the floor below, this was the part that panicked me as I don’t even like going on piers because of the same reason! But, once I had made it up there, the 360-degree view was stunning – you felt on top of the world! Gripping onto the railings, I made it back down to the bottom and this is where our rainforest adventure ended.


We then went over to the Mediterranean biome, where you instantly feel as though you’ve got on a four-hour flight to Greece. The building replicas are realistic enough that if you said you were at The Eden Project; no one would believe you! The vibrancy of the dome is spectacular, with the variety of flowers that have been planted. They range from bright yellows, to ruby reds and dark plum purples.



If you get the chance to come down to Cornwall, I would recommend visiting The Eden Project as there is nothing quite like it - it is an experience and not just a day out!

Have you been to The Eden Project before?

L x
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